Claddagh Farm
Claddagh Farm is pleased to offer Complete Care Retirement Board for your beloved equine partner. Inclusive packages are available for both field and stall board, giving you peace of mind that your retired horse is receiving the quality care that you expect and they deserve. Owner and manager live on-site and possess a combined 50+ years of senior horse care experience. Our pastures and paddocks are four board fencing for your horse's safety. We LOVE senior horses and it shows!
• Pictures/video taken upon arrival and e-mailed to owner
• Regular updates including pictures/video
• Careful transitioning of horses with limited turn out experience
• Free choice grass and/or hay
• Customized feeding program including grain and feeding 2x/day; we soak feed for horses with dental challenges.
• Water troughs and buckets cleaned 1-2x weekly, heated in winter.
• Fly spray and fly masks, as needed, are provided by Claddagh Farm
• Blanketing (blankets provided by owner)
• Blanket cleaning/repair arrangements including delivery and pick up by Claddagh Farm (blanket cleaning and repairs paid by owner)
• Light daily medicating and feeding of supplements (medications and supplements provided by owner)
• Annual Fecal analysis and Targeted deworming including products
• Annual dental float (additional appointments or work paid by owner)
• Hooves trimmed every 6-8 weeks, shoeing available at owner's expense
• Annual vaccinations-costs paid by Claddagh Farm; horses must be boarded for a minimum of six months to receive vaccinations as part of the retirement board fee (Rabies/PHF, WNV, Rhino/Flu, EWT, Lyme, Botulism). Vaccinations will be spread out over multiple weeks.
• All holding fees for vet/farrier/dentist including scheduling and excellent horse health record keeping.
• Sheath cleaning
• Summer clipping for horses with Cushing's Syndrome (PPID) or similar
• Grooming
• Mane pulling
• All arrangements for massage, acupuncture and chiropractic (treatment paid by owner)
• Anhidrotic (non-sweating) horses have access to our custom cooling stall for an additional fee

The monthly fee for Complete Care Retirement Board is $700.00. For horses desiring stall board, we offer the same great features plus a 12’ x 12’ matted stall-well bedded and cleaned daily with 12-24 hour turn out (weather dependent) for an additional $300 per month. Does your senior horse require services not listed? Just ask us, we strive to make your horse's golden years as safe, comfortable and carefree as possible. Major medical is not included. References provided upon request. Please call 540-812-2778 to schedule a tour at your convenience.
Claddagh Farm has a decades long relationship with our equine veterinarian, Haymarket Veterinary Service based in Haymarket, VA.  We are proud to offer their services to our clients and will assist in every way to provide the best on-site care available. We will honor your horse by providing end of life assistance and arrangements when the time comes. We offer each owner cost effective options for their specific circumstance whether they request cremation, burial or removal. Fee schedule subject to change.
Claddagh Farm, 5170 Jeffersonton Road, Jeffersonton, VA 22724 540-812-2778